Sunday, 21 September 2014

Arnaldo Trabucco: A Medical Lineage

Arnaldo Trabucco practiced medicine in the United States for nearly thirty years, before deciding to relocate to Italy in late 2013. He is an American-born, Board-certified urologist whose lineage includes a long line of dedicated and hard-working doctors in Italy, going all the way back to the 1600s.

"My father, Dr. Ermanno Trabucco, had been a pioneer in the field of ambulatory medicine," Arnaldo Trabucco says, meaning health services that are provided on an outpatient basis. "He was also the first surgeon to perform a hernia in a doctor's office over fifty years ago under local anesthesia. I took over the practice from my father and extrapolated these concepts to the urological arena, and have made many contributions to pioneer outpatient surgical procedures in my own personal private practice."

As with his father and generations of ancestors before him, Arnaldo Trabucco has devoted his life to medicine, and to healing his patients. Since completing his medical training in 1987, he has been affiliated with medical institutions in New York, Indiana, Arizona, and Nevada, among other diverse locals.

All of this, Urological Surgeon Arnaldo Trabucco says, has served him well during his long medical career. "I believe my expertise and experience working in various large as well as small cities across the United States,” he says, “with my proven track record, will help me continue to use my knowledge and experience to problem-solve and extrapolate that to any academic institution or community hospital for patient care."

Preventive medicine, he believes, is paramount to the educational process. "I come from generations of doctors in our family since the 1600's, all originating in Italy. We have all made major contributions to medicine in some capacity."

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