Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Arnaldo Trabucco: A Constant Endeavor

Arnaldo Trabucco has been practicing urology since 1987, the same year he completed his residency in urology and urologic surgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He has used his skills at hospitals all over the United States, but at the end of 2013 concluded that the time had come for him to relocate to Italy, the land of his forbears.

"Learning for me is a constant endeavor," he says, "and one must never forget that both learning and teaching must be accompanied together to bring a cultural evolution to medical staff to be well-informed on a regular basis with changing times in medicine throughout the world."

Arnaldo Trabucco believes that the expertise and experience he has accumulated during his career will help him to continue to use his knowledge and experience to the benefit of any academic institution or community hospital for patient care. "Preventive medicine is paramount to the educational process," he states flatly. "I come from generations of doctors in our family since the 1600's all originating in Italy. We have all made major contributions to medicine in some capacity."

Throughout his career in medicine, Urologist Surgeon Arnaldo Trabucco has diagnosed countless patients not only of their urological issues, but other health issues, which had gone undiagnosed by other doctors. "Many patients that have been seen, I have been able to save their lives," he says. "Many of these patients have been seen by over a dozen doctors before coming to me with no results, which is why I see patients from all over the country."

Arnaldo Trabucco continues to be contacted by patients with health issues that other physicians have been unable to resolve. "I have no doubt that wherever I practice, I will continue to practice with state-of-the-art quality care and the community will be benefited from."

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