Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Arnaldo Trabucco: An Excellent Reputation

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD, FACS is a highly trained, board-certified urologist who is proud of his outstanding track record has a practicing doctor. In a profession in which more than sixty percent have been sued at least once by the time they reach the age of fifty-five, Arnaldo Trabucco, MD, FACS has a spotless record. “I have never had any malpractice settlement or judgment against me in my clinical career,” he says.

Arnaldo Trabucco, MD, FACS has practiced in cities all over the United States since going into private practice in 1987. “I had a very lucrative practice and was on staff at many institutions,” he recalls of his earliest days in medicine, “and had three offices in Queens and Manhattan.”

He has since moved several times, and by 2009 Arnaldo Trabucco, MD, FACS had set himself up in an under-served area in Fort Mojave, Arizona. “My practice grew very quickly as my reputation started to expand throughout the tri-state area, and I was serving patients from Las Vegas, California, Phoenix and other surrounding areas. I also had patients fly in from around the world from referrals and because of my excellent reputation.”

Unfortunately, the hospital where Arnaldo Trabucco, MD, FACS worked was under the guidance of a Chief Surgeon who was not providing appropriate administrative duties, and was about to lose accreditation with the Joint Commission. “I was then elected as Chairman of Surgery and was not only able to provide reaccreditation for the hospital through the Joint Commission for JAHCO reaccreditation, but due to the establishment of some very innovative committees I established, the hospital received an award from the USA federal government.” These committees and their functions, Arnaldo Trabucco says proudly, are now being emulated throughout the United States.

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