Monday, 22 February 2016

Arnaldo Trabucco: Researching Medical Specialties

Arnaldo Trabucco found his career as a urology specialist by researching medical specialties after medical school and finding the best residency program that was right for his professional goals at the time. With many residency programs to choose from throughout the United States, finding the program that offers doctors the best options for their professional goals can be a huge challenge. There are many programs for doctors fresh out of medical school to help them find the best residency for their chosen specialty. Dr. Trabucco found himself unsure what specialty to pursue after he graduated from medical school. He came to urology after a careful survey of his options and seeking the council of a few of his mentors and superiors at his previous residencies. 

Arnaldo Trabucco became a clinical urologist after a third residency at the University of Nebraska. He wanted to complete his residency there because the urology program there has a great reputation. Dr. Trabucco, like many doctors in the field, wanted a specialty he found professionally satisfying. After contacting practicing physicians in urology and consulting with a few trusted advisors, he knew he wanted to practice the medical specialty. He gained valuable experience as a surgeon during his General Surgery residency and went on to become a well-regarded urological surgeon. 

ArnaldoTrabucco has run his own private practices in many different places throughout the United States and the world. He was lucky and smart enough to find experienced urologists who could guide him to a worthwhile and satisfying medical specialty after medical school. 

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